Saturday, July 2, 2011

Al Qaeda and Spinal Tap

The intel treasure trove from the Bin Laden raid has revealed that the folks in AQ, especially its #3, are aware that they have much in common with Spinal Tap drummers:

One of bin Laden’s principal correspondents was Atiyah abd al-Rahman, who served as No. 3 in al-Qaeda before bin Laden’s death. A 2010 message from Rahman expressed frustration with the CIA drone campaign, a source of particular concern because many of his predecessors in the third-ranking slot had been killed in strikes by the unmanned aircraft.
“He was saying in the letter that their guys were getting killed faster than they could be replaced,” the U.S. counterterrorism official said.
Um, so there is one vote against the on-going US drone campaign.  

One thought on the reports about these documents--it just might be the case that there is some selectivity in what is being released so that the stories end up supporting US policies.  Just a thought.

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