Saturday, July 23, 2011

Audience Reactions to HP8

NS for those who have not seen the movie or read the books:

I forgot in my previous post about the movie a couple of things:
  • Neville and Luna!  Yes, this was a nice way to fix a JK mistake.  It was obvious that those two misfits fit.  JK stressed after the book that Neville would marry Hannah Abbott, but she is rarely more than two sentences worth in any one book.  Luna is beloved and so we need to give her someone who will accept her and all of her flights of fancy.
  • More Weasleys would have been nice--no reconciliation with Percy made sense given that that whole subplot disappeared from the movies, but would have been nice yet horrifying to see Fred in his last moments.  
  • Ghost Remus refers to his kid, but there is no kid in any of the last two movies.  Just a hint at the beginning of the 7th movie when Harry is picked up by the gang.  
I think it is funny that one of the shortest of the movies could have used 15 more minutes--just to slow a bit of the action down so things could have been clearer--Lavender, Padma, Mrs. Weasley's key line, and so forth. 

More thoughts once I see it again, this time in 2d.  In 3d, you get nasty bits of Voldy all over you.  Yuck.

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