Thursday, July 7, 2011

Romeo and Gryffindor

What if JK Rowling had really enjoyed Romeo and Juliet more than ethnic conflict?

Oh, and yeah, I did spend an entire lecture last year suggesting how the implications of my Intl Relations of Ethnic Conflict class applied to Harry Potter. 

Just part of HP-final-ebration 2011.  H/T to Mrs Spew for finding this video for me.  Which, of course just raises the question: is she Gryff and I Slytherin or the reverse?  Actually, we are probably both Ravenclaw, although I probably wish more than she does to be Gryffindor.

and, yes, way too pop-ie for me but fun nonetheless.


Bart Fisher said...

Too much Semi- here, not enough Spew...

Steve Saideman said...

Well, I have been mighty busy spewing lately, but for HP, wait until a few days after the movie comes out and I will have much to say about the finale.