Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Horrible Boss?

The Spew family saw Horrible Bosses this weekend and enjoyed it immensely.  Best comic use of cocaine in quite some time, just to name one highlight.  Perhaps not as painful for the ribs as the first Hangover movie was, but a very funny movie (have not seen Bridesmaids so I cannot make the comparison to rank funniest summer movie).  So, now our movie ranking for the summer is probably Super 8 > Horrible Bosses/X-Men > Thor > Green Lantern.  I will assuredly be putting HP8 up near or at the top as soon as I can see it in an Aussie theatre.

Anyhow, it reminded me of why I got into this business of academia, despite the limited ability to choose where I live (six years in Lubbock, for example): limited hierarchy.  Yes, department chairs/heads matter and so do the senior faculty before one has tenure.  After that, well, academic freedom is mighty freeing.  So, I have never imagined the deaths of my bosses since I do not really have bosses. Have I imagined some folks retiring? Um, sure.

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