Friday, July 29, 2011

Beard Me

Why is there a sudden surge of pieces on beard: here and here?  What does my beard say about me?  That I hate shaving mostly.  That, and I don't mind looking older than I am, as my beard went gray a while ago.
The beard — a traditional signifier of age and wisdom in most cultures — had become a symbol of youthful rebellion (and a different sort of conformity) for the first time since the heyday of Fillmore East. In downtown Manhattan, where I live, the beard was de rigueur for young creative professionals.  [NYT]
Really, or are guys just lazy like me?  I am suspicious that this is an invented trend.  Where are the beard stats?  I think we are just noticing the facial hair more, not that we are actually seeing heaps more of it.  But perhaps I am wrong.  Are there more guys with beards these days?  Or just folks who study security and then chat about it on twitter happen to be bearded (that would be Andrew Exum who has been teased by a twitter account that represents his beard)?

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