Friday, July 8, 2011

Thinking Sigil-ly

I am reading Game of Thrones after falling in love with the TV show.  The book is good, but not that different from the movies.  Kind of like the first Harry Potter movies which did not leave that much out.  GoT the book is almost identical thus far to the series, but I expect more deviations down the road.

Damon Lindelof of Lost and Star Trek has been tweeting what would be his sigil (sign of his house) and the motto of his house, such as the Starks who have the direwolf as the sigil and "Winter is Coming" as their motto.  It got me to thinking about what would be the equivalents for my house.  Of course, if I followed the GoT tradition, I would have to adopt the sigil and motto of my father (yep, GoT is patriarchal, don't blame me).  Which would mean that our motto would be: Keep It All!  Alternatively, Don't Throw It Out.  The sigil would be a scrap of paper with hard to read markings on it (my father tracked every order at every restaurant we ate at for as long as I can remember).

If, on the other hand, I could re-invent my House and come up with a new sigil and motto, as I rebel against my father (in GoT, my fate would probably be the Wall as I am the second son), my motto would be "Nothing Said, Nothing Ventured" since I have almost no filter.  And my house sigil would be a puppy because attention seeking is the way of our House.

What would your House/Sigil/Motto be?


Anonymous said...

A Lindelof always pays tribute to LOST.

Charli Carpenter said...

Aww! Your Dad was a packrat just like my Dad.

Our house words might be: "Dark Wings, Dark Words, Dark Laughter." But I hadn't given any thought yet to a sigil.... thanks for the post.