Thursday, July 14, 2011

HP vs Nasty

The new and final Harry Potter movie is getting, unsurprisingly great reviews.  However, I will not be seeing it as soon as I would like.  Why?  Because tonight I am going to our first event of the Just for Laugh Festival (one of my favorite parts about Montreal)--the Nasty Show hosted by Roastmaster General Jeff Ross.  Questionable priorities?  No, just limited time.  I head off to Australia tomorrow for a workshop on civil-military integration (how did each country do at the so-called "whole of government" effort) in Afghanistan.  The Nasty Show only has a few spots this week, with the rest of the fest over the next few weeks.  So, I had to choose The Nasty Show, plus I didn't quite realize that I was leaving the same day that HP8 was coming out. 

Oh, and yes, Mrs. Spew and I enjoy some pretty harsh humor.  Previous Nasty Shows have been quite delightful.  I recommend them highly to visitors to Montreal this week.  I will discuss the highlights tomorrow on the blog before I get on the first of many, many planes.

I will try to see HP8 in Canberra as soon as I can (Sunday Aussie time?).  Do enjoy the movie.  I am sure I will have the same feeling with that as I did with the end of Friday Night Lights (to be blogged later today): I cannot wait to get to the end but then don't want it to end.  And Star Wars has taught us it may be better for things to end than to be re-visited.  Alas.

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