Wednesday, November 7, 2012

2012 Post-Mortem

Wow.  The funny thing is that while I am pleased about Obama winning, I am even more pleased that the folks who embraced reality kicked the asses of the reality-averse.  Not just Nate Silver, but that the rape wonder twins lost elections that they should have won. 

Yesterday, I pondered whether I was sucked in by wishful thinking (hey, I thought Mondale might win in 1984), but that bit of doubt perhaps reflected a bit more concern about reality and possible bias than what we have seen from the GOP.  Why did I place my "faith" in the Democrats yesterday?  Because I had seen enough policy and polls that suggested that the Republicans effectively alienated damn near all non-white folks with their stances, and that women would turn out and vote for the anti-rape party.  My biggest concern: would resentment against voterfraudfraud efforts compensate for successful voter suppression.  It seems that it did.

I think it was most appropriate in this year of Republicans taking the most awful stands on women that the Senate will have more women than ever. 

I cannot write much now as I have to run to school to participate in a panel on the election--what does this election mean for US-Canadian relations?  Not much really, as neither candidate was really promising anything sweeping in this direction, but odds are now lower that Canada will be fighting alongside the US in yet another Mideast war.

If the folks in the GOP who argue that they were not Conservative enough win, then perhaps the Libertarians will get their wish--to be the second party of the US as a more Conservative GOP can only become more marginalized.  While it might be hard for the Dems to win three times in a row, if the GOP continues to alienate growing demographics, if it fails to suppress enough votes, if it continues to follow Palin's dream of being the party of white rural America, it might indeed become a third party.   I doubt it because money matters and there is a enough of a base to keep the 3rd parties at bay (white evangelicals), but if the economy is better in four years and the wars are behind us, I would not bet against it.  Especially if the GOP has such a disastrous primary race like it did this time.  Sure, there will be better candidates out there but will they be able to overcome the party's primary process?

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Vladimir said...

Immigration reform will be the first major bipartisan achievement. It's the no-brainer now for Republicans, all they have to do is revive the Bush plan of years ago. The failure of a Republican congress to make progress on this issue will be a good indicator of the degree to which the party is able to maintain its longer term viability.