Friday, November 2, 2012

Obama and the Whack-Jobs

This is getting some attention today.  Nice illustration of the strange set of beliefs about this guy.  I remember a Colonel who was teaching at the US Army War College was most concerned that Obama was like Hitler--that he spoke too well and was persuasive to too many people.  Given that we know have four years of evidence about how he governs (pretty moderately, not as liberal as liberals would like, borrowing a health care plan from Romney/Heritage Institute), this figure really just shows how reality averse people can be.  The latest dust up with Nate Silver is yet more evidence that a certain hunk of people prefer their own realities even if they are the sole occupants of said universes.

Good times?  Um, no.  Our country functions better when the two major parties are run by adults who have different values but live in the same world.  All I can think of these days is the Barney Frank response:

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