Thursday, November 22, 2012

Notes from the Road this Thanksgiving

On the long drive from Ottawa to DC, the Spew Family listened to podcasts (Greg Proops, Doug Benson, Nerdist) to make the time fly by, more or less.  So, between the podcasts and being trapped with each other for nine hours, we had a few thoughts and revelations along the way:

  • We learned that the word for a group of cheetahs approaches a "murder of crows" for best collective noun--a coalition of cheetahs!  This is so incredibly ironic, because as we know from the study of coalitions in either the domestic form or the international form, speedy is usually not the adjective that comes to mind.  A coalition of cheetahs would be like using Politburo to describe a group of young capitalists.  
  • Mrs. Spew worries a great deal about the catsitter/housesitter getting to the house the first day of any trip, so I pondered whether she had an over-active anxiety gland.   And, sure, there is going to be a gland or two that endocrinologists will consider an "anxiety gland" but I just like the idea of a gland pumping out anxiety as a wired, biological response to various stimuli.
  • We stopped at the Cozy Restaurant on the way to DC.  This is an old-fashioned (including the prices) spot that campers would often visit on their way to and/or from the summer camp I spent all of my teens (and a bit more).  It is also located close to the President's retreat--Camp David, so they have a mini-museum there.  So, we spent a few minutes while waiting for the main course checking it out. The last time I ate at the Cozy?  1986--my last summer as a counselor, and we had our end of the year banquet there.  
One last bit of Thanksgiving gratitude--free wifi at Starbucks!  Thanks.  Sure, I buy a drink to ease my guilt at using their wifi, so it makes sense for them. 

Anyhow, again, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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