Friday, November 2, 2012

Random Number or Real List?

I just tweeted the following:
 If you have to depend on Michael Brown to be the critic of Obama's reaction to Sandy, you have at least seven problems.
What did I mean by that?  Is there at least seven problems?  Hmmm, now that I have tweeted it, it is time to enumerate, right? Or is it just that I have fifteen minutes to waste before the reception at this hotel in Kingston for folks studying Armed Forces and Society (Civil-Military Relations).

Given that Michael Brown was the FEMA head who did New Orleans and the rest of the areas hit by Katrina few favors eight years ago, here are the seven (or as many as I can invent in fifteen minutes).
  1. By putting "Heck of a job" Brownie on your program as a critic of the current effort, you are actually demonstrating that there may be few, if any, credible critics of the effort.  This is like having Michael Dukakis criticize your campaign appearances.  
  2. By putting Brownie on your show, you are reminding people of how badly the last Republican administration handled natural disasters.  If your goal (and it is Fox's) is to help the Republicans, putting Brownie on your network is not helping your goal.
  3. By putting Brownie on your network, you are reducing the credibility of your entire network by at least 9%.  He has less significantly less credibility than the average guest on a Fox program, and that is saying something.  
  4. If your network license to operate depends on appearing not to be partisan and tied to a single party (yeah, right), this one appearance is enough to convince anyone that your network is in the bag for one party.
  5. Brownie is such a proven idiot, it might shake the credulousness of some of the Fox viewers who otherwise believe the conspiracy crap.
  6. Putting Brownie on your network means that you are freakin' desperate.  This might be repeated 1 & 2 & 3, but it cannot be emphasized enough.  It is like having Donald Trump on your network talking about fiscal responsibility (or anything else).  
  7. Can a Fox jump a shark? 

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