Saturday, November 17, 2012

Closer to the Finish Line

Yesterday, my co-author, David Auerswald, and I got the news: the NATO and Afghanistan (with a spot of Libya) book got the go-ahead from the editorial board of the university press to which we submitted the manuscript.  I will name it later, once we actually have the contract in our hands. 

We were doing happy dances yesterday as this is the product of several years of work, many trips abroad, over two hundred interviews, heaps of drafts flying across the internet back and forth between Dave and myself, multiple talks around the world, not to mention heaps of blog posts. 

Some folks are not impressed?
But these folks have high standards.  The non-gold medalists and the non-Presidents are pretty thrilled with this outcome.  So much so that I went on an epic twitter rant once I realized that Band of Brothers was on TV.  See the thread for how the two connect:

What does this really prove?  That I count poorly on twitter (where is the fourth tweet?)?  Sure.  And happy dancing and tweeting probably don't mix.

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