Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Pie Crust Promise? Nay!

Mary Poppins made a deep impact on my family.  Why?  Because when Teen Spew was merely Toddler Spew, she had surgery and so we ended up watching Mary Poppins over and over and over again.  Not a bad choice by her or for us since it is a long movie and a good one.  So, we saw fewer iterations of it than we would have of a typical disney movie.  Still, I saw enough of it that it burned itself into my brain--it became the handy example of a run on a bank and the phrase "Pie Crust Promise" became an article title for a piece I co-wrote on the limits of NATO/EU conditionality (not to mention how many times I put the phrase in the title of blog posts).

Anyhow, I am getting sappy this Thanksgiving.  When Mary Poppins showed up on the tv, I got a little misty, remembering the tough week or two in the aftermath of the operation.  It was not life-threatening, just stress-inducing.  Then I was amused as the kid came down to watch with me and marveled at my recall of not just the lyrics but the dialogue in general. 

So, my tip to parents out there--if you have to divert your kids with TV/movies, MP could not be a better choice.

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