Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clean Government?

Last night, the Mayor of Montreal, Gerald Tremblay, resigned from his office in disgrace as the corruption scandal led directly to him.  No, thus far there is no proof that he took cash, just that he would leave the room when it was clear the topic would come up, rather than tackling it.  And this reminds me of the non-story in this election down in the US: there has been no significant corruption accusations/investigations the past four years.  Given how enthusiastically the GOP pursued the Clintons, you know if there was any hint of smoke, they would be throwing gasoline on it. 

I am not saying that Romney would be corrupt or tolerate corruption.  We have no idea, but we do know that we have seem some good governance over the past four years.  Sure, more executive power over-reach (not going to change with Romney), much frustration with handling of Congress (Romney might be less frustrated but I am pretty sure I would prefer him frustrated), and so on.  But the relative success of FEMA and the response to Hurricane Sandy combined with the non-corruption non-scandals suggests that even as we are confused by the events in Libya, we have a government in the US right now that does not suck that much.  Isn't that something to vote for?

Good luck to those who have to stand in lines today to exercise their basic freedom. 

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