Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Big Test

Today/tonight/tomorrow serves as a big test.  Well, big test to this narcissist.  Will the election verify the logics, arguments and facts as I have seen them over the past year or three?  Or will everything I believed be revealed to be the product of wishful thinking? 

I have long believed that the Republicans were hurting themselves with their xenophobia, that their non-Romney competition was going to hurt them, that Obama was fundamentally a more appealing candidate (Mrs. Spew would say his abs are quite appealing), that Obama has shown many times a keen ability to give his opponents enough rope to hang themselves (how about that Navy of 1916 comparison now?) 

Of course, I could have been just motivated by my bias to believe that Obama would win.  If he wins, that might mean that I was biased but accidentally right.  Or if he loses, it could mean that I actually was right about much of the stuff, but underestimated the super-pacs, Obama's mis-steps or the success of the GOP's strategy to deny Obama many policy victories.

The funny thing is that I will, of course, read into tonight's outcome whatever what I want to read into them, so suggesting that this is any kind of test is deceptive.  The only real tests tonight are: is Nate Silver on target? Will the Secretaries of State fail in their jobs?  and will the GOP exceed expectations and not be sore losers?

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