Friday, March 21, 2014

Bad Ideas Spread .... Part LVII

Bad ideas spread further than good ones .... I have long not been a fan of Robert Kaplan's work.  So much so that I only read his stuff when I have to.  Why waste my time reading dreck when there is stuff I could read that might actually inform rather than anger me.

[Yes, ad hominen criticism is not the best approach, but I am not really attacking Kaplan the man, just that his writings consistently suck, and, worse, consistently get wide dissemination.  Hence no link from me]

So, he apparently wrote a piece that is pro-imperialism.  I first learned of it when a site where I write promoted it as a good read.  I responded on twitter, basically saying oh, no.  The site suggested that I write a response.  I responded, saying no, that would mean I have to read it.  So, instead I have read it through the tweets of others.  See the storify below:

Oy.  When will folks learn?  Crap on a stick.

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