Tuesday, March 25, 2014

ISA Governing Board News

There is really only one big piece of news thus far at the ISA's Governing Council Meeting:

ISA in Vegas 2021. 

This came up as a result of my complaining about wifi in the hotels (Sheraton Toronto charges $75 per head for wifi in conference rooms, for instance).  ISA contracts years and years ahead, so when they contracted for the 2014 ISA, they bought the promise that wifi would be free around the world rather than demanding a rate.  Since then, they learned the lesson so now when they bargain, they insist on free wifi.  This will be noticed down the road but not this year.

So, this is really two pieces of news: ISA in Las Vegas in 2021 AND free wifi eventually.  I didn't ask when it would kick in because the Vegas news knocked my socks off. 

The other piece of news is that the blogging proposal got kicked to a committee for consideration.  It was pretty clear that there is not much support for original proposal or anything like it.  But join the Online Media Caucus to protect our freedom  as well as to support panels and such on social media down the road.

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