Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Going the Distance

Why am I going to Australia for a three day trip?  Because three days > day to get there + day to get back. 

I was invited to participate in a book workshop to help Ryan Griffiths improve his manuscript.  I have done a few of these before but this is the longest I will have gone.  This, like the previous ones, focus on the International Relations of Secession.  It is a very good book, but I hope to still have a few things to say to help out.

I did not want to go just for one day, so I conned persuaded Ryan to organize a talk where I can speak about what I learned on my first trip to Australia--whether NATO membership matters or not for how countries behaved in Afghanistan.  As a partner of NATO but not a member, does outsider status help or hinder Australia?  Mostly, helps.  So, my book tour goes inter-continental this week. 

On my third day?  Sydney tourism.  And then I come back.  I wish I could stay longer, see more of the country/continent, but I have a class to teach on Monday and preparation for ISA to do. 

All I can be sure of is that I will knackered by the time I am done. 

The over/under on number of manuscripts that I am reviewing for journals on the plane ride there and back is 2.5 (I have four in my bag).  So, over or under, readers of the Spew?

Blogging and tweeting will be quite light for the next week or so.  Tis bad timing since Canada is officially leaving Afghanistan this week (I had to turn down a CBC request), Crimea's sham referendum is Sunday, and, yes, there is a missing plane in the general area.

See you on the other side:

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