Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Clarifying Shooting First

I have discussed how this Ukraine situation is very much coup-ish as the big question is: who shoots first?

As this video illustrates, what I mean is who shoots at the other side first--shooting in the air does not count, although it is mighty scary:

Damn, those Ukrainians have some guts.

And my Russian is rusty, but I guess that one of the Russians accused the Ukranians of being American special forces....

Anyhow, wow!


Anonymous said...

It's about how ukranian air force soldiers do provocation to russian soldiers which patrol the air force base. They (ukrainians) are crying "We are masters here", "Shot, bitch" and "Americas is with us".

SAO said...

Hard to make out what was being said in that jumble, but the first flag from the Ukrainian side was red and they said, in Russian, "Soviet flag, will you shoot it?" The next flag to approach was the Ukrainian flag.

The Russians looked nervous and unsure, which is always dangerous.