Saturday, March 22, 2014

When Karzai Does Not Surprise

It turns out that President Karzai is not so appalled by the events of Crimea.  Does that make him a Russian stooge?  No, it makes him consistent.  Afghanistan does not recognize the Durand Line that divides Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Why not?  Because the Pashtuns that live on either side of the border do not believe the line should exist, more or less.  That there is even a glimmer of Greater Pashtunistan out there.  Yes, Afghan irredentism targeting Pakistan territory is one of the many reasons Pakistan mucks about with Afghanistan.

So, yeah, Karzai does not mind irredentism and revision of boundaries that much since a key part of his constituency is perhaps a smidge irredentst.

Oh, and, the other reason why Karzai does not surprise me on this: he has long lived in the Tyson Zone.

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