Monday, March 31, 2014

How I Met Your Spoiler

HIMYM ended tonight with a thud:

Apparently, the show really was "How I Met Your Step-Mother" as Ted and Tracy's girl and boy argued.  The endless story was not about the mother but about the step-mother.

And they had a point.  Yet this is not how we wanted to show to end.  All that emotional pain Ted suffered to find the woman of his dreams only to watch her die while the kids were still kids.  And then he gets together with his ex-girlfriend and ex-wife of his best friend.  Huh.

Well, this makes sense of the Ted falls back in love with Robin forty five times over the course of the series.

The frustrating thing is that this last episode had so many good things:
  • Barney's love of his new kid.
  • That Tracy and Lily made endless jokes about Barney's chasing.
  • The chemistry of Tracy not just with Ted but with the group. 
  • The meet cute at the train station.  Yes, the show should have ended with that.  
  • The white whale costume.  
And so on.  The show was maddeningly inconsistent.  Lots of talent in front of the camera and behind it, but the master plan was hardly masterful.  

But I cannot say it best---for that we have twitter:

The winner:
and now I wait Sepinwall's review with this hint:

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