Sunday, November 29, 2009

German Troubles

Figures I was out of the loop when the German experience in Afghanistan blew up in the faces of most of its leadership.  That is, this weekend, the German head of the military, the State Secretary for military stuff and then the former Minister of Defense who became the Minister of Labor, Franz Joseph Jung, after the recent election all lost their jobs.  Not because of the collateral damage caused by air strike ordered by the German ground forces against the stolen tankers, but rather the effort to cover up or poorly convey the real facts to the Parliament.  Once again, it is not the crime but its cover up that has the greatest consequences for the politicians.

And, Markus Kaim, one of the folks I interviewed last summer, was quoted as saying that the Germans on the ground, who had been becoming progressively more pro-active, are now more likely to think twice not only before calling in an airstrike but also when pulling other triggers as well.

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