Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Should I Join the Evil League of Evil?

Interesting post of the 101 Signs You Might Be Evil (HT to Peter Trumbore).

Let's see which ones apply to yours truly:
  • You feel Miley Cyrus is a suitable role model for children
    • I am not saying she is suitable, I just am not sure that she is unsuitable.  One pole dance and one or two questionable photoshoots do not make one forever not a  role model.
  • Jeff Foxworthy still makes you laugh.
    •  Not always, but sure why not.
  • The idea of voting for Sarah Palin as president appeals to you
    • Only as a joke. And only in the Republican primary
  • You deliberately say inflammatory bullshit on your news show just because you know it will be picked up by the rest of the media and gain you more exposure
    • Does a blog count?
  • You’ve purchased a drum kit for someone else’s child
    • No, but does a firetruck with all kinds of noises count?
  • You hang toilet paper the wrong way
    • Guilty of related sin.  Just grabbing the TP and bringing to the bathroom but not actually putting on the holder.
  • You bought a Big Mouth Billy Bass
    • I may have been drunk.
  • You’ve ever brought your kids to a bar
    • Well, a comedy show that was in a nightclub.
  • You like Prog Rock
    • Yes.
  •  You’ve overthrown a democratically elected government and slaughtered any dissidents
    • Does it have to be both?
  • You maintain a website that discusses your political/religious/sexual opinions
    • Does a blog count?
  • You’ve attempted to stage a coup
    • Depends.  Does it have to be control over a government?
  •  You go to the movies alone
    • It has been known to happen.  Like seeing a highly anticipated movie so that watching again with the kid asking heaps of questions is less problematic.  Plus patience is not my strength.
  • You try to feed animals at the zoo
    • Only the stuff you buy there.  Except for the strange safari they have in Quebec just north of the border.  You drive through and hand out carrots and such to very large animals--losing a finger is just part of the fun!
  •  You continue to pay to see Nicolas Cage films
    • National Treasure is the best way to educate my kid about American history since we live in Canada.  Ok, that it is not evil, just pretty sad.
  • You do impressions
    • Only occasionally and not because I think I am any good.  But a bad Kissinger in an IR class is always entertaining.
  • You devour souls
    • Depends on what one means by devour. I teach. 

So, does that mean I am evil?  Learn how to do an evil laugh here.

For an exploration of evil:

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