Friday, November 13, 2009

Live, but Not Now

I have been doing a fair amount of TV over the past few years as Canada's effort in Afghanistan gains and loses attention.  I just found a clip of my most recent appearance.  It is not the worst job I have done (although I need to start using something to get my hair in order and perhaps look more at the top of the camera). 

In this appearance, just before the second election in Afghanistan was scrapped, I actually had a consistent message--building institutions requires following the rules even when they lead to predictable and/or undesired outcomes, rather than betting on personalities.  I also predicted that Obama would send more troops to Afghanistan--near if not at McChrystal's total, but the wait for that decision goes on. 

Anyhow, any suggestions on improving my media effort, let me know (including if you think I should drop it entirely).

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