Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Short Thoughts Inspired by Canadian Classic Rock Radio

During the drive to and from my daughter's school, we usually listen to a classic rock station.  Aside from reading the Montreal Gazette, this is one of our best exposures to Canadian popular culture (since we watch largely American TV shows).  I am not complaining this morning about the content of the programming.  Instead, just a few stray thoughts:
  • The sports report noted that one of the Canadiens key players was out with a lower body injury with speculation that it might be the guy's groin.  And this is a typical report--that a hockey injury is either upper or lower body.  This is pretty strange as injury reports for the other major North American sports are far more specific.  But then, I remembered that the reporting of injuries, especially for US football, is actually motivated by ... gambling.  The gamblers want to have accurate information about who is hurt as that affects the point spread and upon whom to wager.  Does the absence of good information about hockey injuries mean that folks do not gamble much on it?  
  • The segment after the news is often a call-in poll (which is increasingly problematic now that cell phones usage while driving are illegal unless a headset is used).  Today's: is Sarah Palin hot or not?  This contrasts with the coverage I have seen in the US--which is mostly about whether the book tour is about a 2012 Presidential campaign or just about raising money for Palin Inc.  
  • One last note--the station seems to have changed its format to be more about ROCK!  So, what has this meant?  Seems to me just more Green Day.  Which is more than ok with me.

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