Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where To Go From Here?

John Burns has a nice response to all of the questions he has received about the future of Afghanistan now that the runoff has collapsed.  It addressed the difficulties and tradeoffs quite well, as Karzai is being asked to change his stripes and act more decisively against the forces that undermine the legitimacy of his government--including corruption at the highest levels.

It is kind of funny that Montreal has been going through a similar process--its municipal election,a  three-cornered race between an incumbent who presided over much corruption, a nationalist politician seen as anathema to much of Montreal, and a third candidate that is widely viewed as, ahem, wacky.  The incumbent won, promising to end the corruption that flourished in his previous term. 

Who do I have more confidence in to turn things around?  Karzai or Tremblay?  Um.  Can I get back to you guys on that?  If I had to bet, I would bet on Tremblay since his family is not as directly implicated and because there are other institutions that might play a significant role, such as the Provincial level here.

I am quoted for my pessismism in today's Globe and Mail.
 “It doesn't seem to me that now the pressure of the election is off that he will become more transparent. Is he going to fight corruption now? What is his incentive?” asked Stephen Saideman, a professor of political science at McGill University.

NY Times keeps up its run of apt but understated headlines: AdTech Ad

Karzai Vows Corruption Fight, but Avoids Details

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