Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Semi-Required Season Post: Thanks

As I will be traveling to family and then a reunion this weekend (with the homeland guarded fiercely by cat, dog and house-sitter), I may not be blogging much over the next few days.  So, here is the season ritual--giving thanks:
  1. Thanks to friends and family, especially given the hard knocks of late.
  2. Thanks to the associate professors at McGill here are not only wise but also good humored so that they can poke at me until I giggle.  Metaphorically speaking.  
  3. Thanks to the undergrads of McGill.  My 600 person class, although knocked on its heals by H1N1 and other maladies, has been a blast to teach as they consistently ask sharp questions, making me think about things I have taken for granted.
  4. Thanks to the grad students of McGill for doing my work, most as TAs these days.  Also, for pushing me to think and for being excellent post-talk, pre-dinner with speaker beer companions.  Well, it makes sense to them, if not you.
  5. I am pretty thankful that I have a pretty good job in this nasty economy.  While things are not perfect, I do know that I am lucky not be entering this current academic job market as an ABD without any pubs, like I did a decade and a half ago (sorry to my current Phds who are entering the job market).
  6. I am thankful that I am no longer embarrassed by my President, although the extremists in his opposition should embarrass all Americans.
  7. I am grateful to all of my ultimate teammates for making my throws look good, for covering my guy when I fall behind, and for occasionally throwing the disk at the end of my reach so that I can lay out for it (I wish I had a picture of my moo-dive).  I am grateful to my opponents for challenging me and for their great spirit.  I am amazed that I am still playing after all of these years and that I am still learning.
  8. I am actually grateful for the Montreal winters because skiing with my kid is just bliss.
  9. I am grateful that my family enjoys my humor--as I love a good audience and 600 kids for a couple of hours a week apparently is not sufficient.
  10. I am grateful that folks have read my blog and pushed me with their comments to think a bit more about some of the stuff about which I blather.  
  11. I am grateful for the other bloggers out there whose ideas I steal/borrow/build upon.  I get heaps of links from facebook friends as well.  I am definitely reading more stuff, even if it makes me fall behind in my book reading.
  12. I am grateful for the internet, which has been both boon and bane for my productivity as a scholar but has consistently provided me with much edutainment.

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