Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yet More Reason to Leave Texas

The race between Perry and Hutchison reminds me, yet again, why I left Texas.  I kind of do wish that Perry's threat to secede (last April) became fact.  The US could do without Texas although I am still pretty sure that Texas is not going be a solidly Red state for much longer.


Anonymous said...

What specifically do you dislike about Texas? I know that there are plenty of stereotypes out there, but I'm curious what your specific grievances are since it sounds like you've had some personal experience. Compared to other states, Texas seems to be weathering the recession rather well and, crazy secessionist rhetoric aside (roll over Sam Houston), has avoided many of the problems that plague the other super-sized Western US state, California.


Steve Saideman said...

Six years in Lubbock. I could provide details, but I will let that do for now as I catch up from my Thanksgiving travels.