Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Next Big Tragedy: Eggo Shortage

Flooding at one factory and repairs to another have endangered the world's supply of Eggos (hat tip to Dan Drezner and his tweet on this). Who now will leggo their eggo during an eggo famine?

This, of course, raises the question of what other kinds of calamities might cause panic in the streets?
  • A tragic popper explosion at the Corn Pops plant leads to a gap in the supply of Corn Pops.
  • Mudslides destroy the tart crop, leading to a shortage of Poptarts  [note: the poptarts website has two choices--kids or parents.  The kids' site is broken, and the one for parents has the following web address:  That's correct.  Sexism in the morning food business!!]
  • The news gets out that the Frosting on the Frosted Flakes is actually from the bone shavings from endangered tigers. 
  • The news gets out that Twinkies are actually made from tofu, organic honey, and love. 
As always, stock up on these key necessities and put into your shelter along with the usual Zombie survival supplies--for more info, check out:

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