Monday, January 25, 2010

American Holiday Approaching

The match for the Super Bowl is set.  I didn't have a dog in yesterday's battles since my favorite teams have been eliminated, even if I am a bit looser with the notion of favorite team than strict sports anti-bigamists. So, I rooted for the Saints for two reasons--Katrina and to be anti-Favre.  I have always thought Favre was over-rated because he threw more interceptions, including back-breaking, season-ending ones, than other lionized QB's.  I really didn't want to face two weeks more of Favre-hype.  This season, Favre was very un-Favre-like--very few interceptions.  So the wounded warrior revered to form at the end of the game. 

Should I take some joy from his failure?   Well, yeah.  As a sports fan, you are inevitably going to root for the success of your team and hope that the other team fails.  The Social Identity Theorists have persuade me that it is inherent in us to feel better when our group does well and when the other does poorly.  So, it is not my fault--just human nature!  I didn't want Favre to get hurt, just fail spectacularly.  And he did.  I guess this sentiment is most aimed at the sports media, which overreacts to everything these days just like the rest of the media. 

Jets-Colts?  I dislike both, but I guess I wanted the Colts to win so that we would have a more offensive Super Bowl.  And, of course, I prefer the Saints to win--anything good that could happen to New Orleans should happen.  The karma scales are hardly balanced at all.  Plus I am going to N.O. in a few weeks for the International Studies Association meeting, so it would be nice to arrive in a happy city.  Well, it is going to be Mardi Gras, so I guess the place will already be pretty happy.

So, only one important question remains?  How many American commercials will sneak through into the Canadian feed?

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