Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Award for Best Symbolic but Doomed and Potentially Destructive Reality

is to the Governor Arnold S. of California for proposing a constitutional amendment that would require the state to spend more on higher ed than on prisons
"What does it say about a state that focuses more on prison uniforms than caps and gowns?" Mr. Schwarzenegger said in his final State of the State address. "It simply is not healthy."
His robotic heart is in the right place, but California needs to undo all the damage done to the fiscal process by reducing such restrictions.  This proposal, if enacted, would require serious prison reform, which would be good and needed, but highly unlikely. 

Still, Arnold gets points for this and for appearing in a new action movie remake, not so ironically entitled The Expendables.  Insert punchline here.

Of course, this trailer suggests that Californians need more higher ed so that they can make better movies and make better decisions (to avoid movies like this?).

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