Saturday, January 2, 2010

Mixed News Before First Day on Slopes

We have yet to go skiing, but plan to do so very soon, so this article provides mixed news.  More folks are wearing helmets and they do save lives--but only really if one falls.  Running into objects (like trees, hunks of equipment, other skiers) at speed is still fatal, helmet or not.
“It is not a panacea, it is an effective means of reducing some head injuries, but it has significant limitations,” he said while emphasizing that he still believed skiers should wear them. "
And, of course, there is the problem that as people feel more safe, they might engage in more dangerous skiing/boarding.  Just as in car safety.  I know I have banged my head a few times while falling over the years, with and without helmets.  Ever since Spew Jr. has been skiing, she has had a helmet, and we joined in.

What I do find sort of surprising is that the article suggests helmet wearing has only now started to spread.  In my anecdotal observation, helmets have become quite common since we moved to Montreal.   I would say about as many folks wear them as not at the ski areas around Montreal and in northern Vermont (Jay, Smuggs).  I do think it is progress when ski resorts require helmets to be worn by the kids and by their employees, but I am not sure how many places rent them or include them with rentals of skis.  That would be the next obvious step.


Bill Ayres said...

An anecdotal observation from a different part of the skiing world: helmets have been near-ubiquitous in Aspen, CO for several years now. The turning point there seemed to be the death of one of the Kennedy kids on Aspen Mountain, which happened around the time that helmets were starting to come out into public view.

The Aspen Ski Corp now requires them for all kids in lessons, and as you suggest, the parents often follow along. We've been wearing them for some years now. Of course, in my nearly 35 years of skiing I've never done worse than sprained a wrist. And personally, I don't think I'm any more reckless than I used to be - but that's probably just me getting old.

Unknown said...

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