Monday, January 11, 2010

No, I Don't Want More Power!

Not everybody wants independence or even just more authority over one's own affairs. Two French departments (ex/pseudo/quasi-colonies), Martinique and French Guiana, voted in referendums against more autonomy.  The former had 80% opposing more autonomy and in the latter 70% voted against.  The Quebec separatists would love to have that kind of enthusiasm.  Well, for independence rather than against, but this is some serious consensus for opting to keep the status quo. 

"I would like a change, but I don't think we are ready yet. I don't trust the people who lead the regional council, " Jacqueline Manger told the Associated Press news agency.
And just to tweak the folks in Quebec, well, this same concern might just be one reason why two referendums have failed here.  Of course, that could start a new round of our favorite game--who is more corrupt/incompetent--the federal government or Quebec?  You can guess where I would place my bets.

[HT to Chris Chiego, a current UCSD grad student for his tweat on this]


pkylo said...

Recent history would suggest a heated battle between these two governments for that title, but interestingly enough, the provincial government has not been the target of a royal commission. Make of that what you will, I guess?

Francois Caron said...

Provinces are more competent as time goes. They will ultimatly be the best to manage their local economy/issue/culture. When? Failure to referendum is mainly due to the lac of knowledge, and the knowledge that we can be as competent (or incompetent?) as the federal level.