Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Cheesy Movie Quotes

For a change of pace, here's a fun way to waste ten minutes* (but not entirely safe at work--and very inappropriate in a few key spots--no kids allowed):

I lost track of how many Padme-Anakin romantic moments were included, but it does cause one to wonder what would have happened if just the romantic stuff in the prequels was fixed ....

On the other hand, Batman seems to show up only when it is Clooney with his sidekick Chris O'Donnell.

No surprise that Showgirls shows up a lot.  Or Arnold.  Or Nic Cage or Travolta. 

Sam Jackson in Snakes on a Plane is just wrong--not cheesy at all plus it was by popular demand.
And I really enjoyed the President's speech in Independence Day.
I must say though some of these are less cheesy and more classic.  All in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.

Your favorites either omitted or included?

Just remember, you can be my wingman, anytime!

*  Does the link rather than embedding absolve me for the nastier quotes?

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