Sunday, September 19, 2010

Line of the Times

I love how this article on Republicans and the Tea Party starts:
So you’re a Republican candidate and you want to take advantage of the Tea Party energy that jolted once-sleepy primaries. But you aren’t sure whether that means you have to take a stand against masturbation or urge your supporters to gather their bayonets — tactics that seem to have worked for a few Tea Party candidates so far.
Please.  Clearly, O'Donnell did well in Delaware despite her anti-masturbation positions, not because of them.  Throwing the bums out and seeking a more extreme stand against government are the stances that are working.  The masturbation stuff is just .... a silly distraction that critics can use to get more hits to their website.*  It certainly works for the Daily Show/Colbert, but I am pretty sure that a poll of Delaware GOP primary voters (notice how those modifiers shrink down the set of people to be surveyed) would not have masturbation on the top five reasons they voted for O'Donnell.  Of course, those opposed to masturbation might have an edge--that their opponents might be otherwise engaged rather than voting.

* Not me.  I have been reluctant to post on this issue precisely because it might lead to traffic/spam I really do not seek.

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