Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sometimes Science is Just Stupid

Teaching robots to lie?  This cannot possibly end well.  I teased my students the past week about how we identify ourselves, as human is rarely a choice chosen because there is no relevant other.  Well, not until the aliens arrive, the apes take over, or when the machines arise.  Sooner rather than later?  The Terminator movies show how the scientists are shocked that their creations might cause the demise of humanity, but reality is a bit different--precisely because these scientists have seen the Terminator movies.  Yet they still try to invent ways to get robots to become deceptive??  Who is giving them the grant money?  Where is the research ethics board to ask about the implications down the road?

Time to stock up on supplies for the end of days, eh?

HT to Will Leitch.

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Chip said...

man, talk about the slippery slope. this way be cylons...