Friday, September 10, 2010

News of the Non-Weird

Today's NYT seems a bit bizarre.  Rather than all the news fit to print, it is now all (or at least some) the news that should be blindly obvious:
  • Judge Rules That Military Policy Violates Rigths of Gays:  Well, there is that whole equal protection under the law thing (in that unpopular 14th amendment), so this ruling was due, long overdue really.  Actually, turns out the key amendments were 1st and 5th, but the key is that the government failed to prove that gays don't threaten military readiness and unit cohesion.  Indeed, plenty of stories have shown exemplars, including in areas that are of high need like translators, have been kicked out of the military, making it less capable.  The story contains a few anecdotes that the mistrust that this policy created was more of a threat to unit cohesion.  Don't Ask Don't Tell is clearly on its deathbed, but mercy-killing it may take some time yet.  This injunction should help.
  • Coverage of Koran Case Stirs Questions on Media Role.  I blogged a bit yesterday about this.  I always enjoy it when the media gets to double-dip--being irresponsible and then chastising itself for being irresponsible.  Good times. 
  • Secret Tape has Police Pressing Ticket Quotas.  To steal from Saturday Night Live: really? Really!?  Really?!  Police have targets for ticket levels?  I am shocked.  Next, someone will tell me that people gamble online. 
Just seemed like a front page (front webpage) chock full of dog bit man stories.  I guess those are better than the reverse.

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Might want to fix your Koran link