Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quebec is Corrupt? Mais Non!

I guess it was time for the regularly scheduled brouhaha where Quebec gets accused of being corrupt, and then Quebec politicians can say this is just typical anti-Quebecism.  Is this just "racism"?  Um, no.  Montreal, after all, had an election where corruption was a central issue, and the challenges lost in part because the primary competitor had a 2nd in command who was, well, corrupt.  This allowed the incumbents, who had claimed ignorance, to stay in power.  

I have argued before that there is less real accountability in Quebec precisely because of the nationalist issue.  Quebec politicians are already covering up this latest round of corruption claims with their special brand of denial sauce--nationalism.  I have no doubt that despite hearings/trails/commissions that the current way of operating will continue.

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Francois Caron said...

Hope you can feed your knowledge with the article of Jean-François Lisée in the Actualité.

The other strike back again on

You can know add a 'xenophobia' tag on some blogs you put out. Because, this is why the whole north-America will split out. Rich can stand the poor, the socialist against the ultra capitalist, language, etc.

So, we shall fix it because one day a simili-Hitler of this new century will fix it!