Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Have I Learned at This Year's APSA?

As the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association comes to an end, what have I learned?
  • I was reminded that it has been a great ride thus far--heaps of friends all over the place, whom I met at previous jobs, in grad school, conferences, workshops, etc.  Despite my frequent complaints about the profession, I am very glad that I made the big choice that I did and nearly all of the sub-choices (going to UCSD, taking a visiting job at Vermont, working at TTU, moving to McGill, etc.)
  • That it is ok to wear shorts at the conference, although it did make me stand out.
  • That people have an infinite capacity to come up with interesting projects.
  • That the next generation of UCSD grad students is as sharp as the last few generations.  I am always reminded that I might not have gotten into that program today.
  • That the job market might be turning a bit.  UC schools are hiring and the furloughs are ending.  It is still early yet and other states may be behind.  I wish the stimulus money went to higher ed as it is a big multiplier.  The latest job figures have losses because of governments shedding jobs.  Giving $$ to higher ed might help there.  Not that I am self-interested or anything.
  • That I enjoy how surprised people are at my current situation--that there is something that just does not make sense.  And I concur.
  • That I need to go to more panels, but that would mean fewer meetings with friends, colleagues, students, former students, and random folks who become friends.  Somebody told me that time is elastic--I will need to figure that out as this fall becomes increasingly stacked with commitments.


Bill Ayres said...

What is there about your current situation that doesn't make sense? Now MY situation I can understand could cause confusion, but yours?

Steve Greene said...

Shorts-- not okay :-).