Wednesday, September 8, 2010

When a Fire Drill Makes Sense

Not a metaphorical or analogical one, but a real fire drill actually made sense today.  Sure, I whined because it was semi-drizzly, but the firefolks needed to test how accessible my building is.  You see, McGill has closed the closest road to traffic as part of the greening of the campus.  The road still exists, but now is painted green in some spots and has some rather ugly planters and bike racks semi-randomly tossed around the street (which is straight up a steep hill).  Not only has this made biking near campus more difficult, but we learned pretty quickly while watching the fire trucks move around, that the planters impede them. 

So, this new "greening" which really never was the subject of proper consultation nor any real thought (at least, in my humble opinion), is now a threat to my safety and those who inhabit a building named after the most prominent Canadian humorist.  I am sure Stephen Leacock would have something witty to say about this.  I must merely sigh, blog, and then get my receipts processed from last week's trip.

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