Thursday, September 23, 2010

A New College Subplot, Please?

Mild spoiler for the final season of Friday Night Lights:

Julie sleeps with a prof.  Why, oh why, do the writers of a very, very good show have to fall into the same lazy trap of the "prof sleeps with student" plotline?  Is this the only interesting thing that can happen at college?  Are there other ways to get Julie to run back home?  Please.  Prof-undergrad sex has not been rampant for a generation or two, even though sexual harassment of this kind still exists.  It is just not, as far as anyone who hangs out on university campuses can attest, rampant.  So, why does every movie/tv show have this standard plot when a character goes off to college?

I guess I will have to wait until the show is broadcast on NBC in the spring (we don't have directv which transmits the show in the fall) to see if this plot is done well.  But I would bet that it ain't going to be done that well because it is simply not very realistic for a first-year student to immediately develop a relationship with a professor. 

In a word, aaargh!  In two works: shark-jump!

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