Tuesday, September 21, 2010

TV Season Starts Off Slowly

Two days in, only one new show added to my roster of shows that I follow: Boardwalk Empire.  BE has tremendous production values, and the actors are terrific.  Whether I start to care about the characters will only tell over time. 

On Monday, the Spew family has kept its old patterns but using new technology--DVR-ing How I Met Your Mother to watch Chuck.  And then later on Castle--which we cannot resist due to the combination of Nathan Fillion and jokes about writing (Mrs. Spew has been in the writing business for a couple of decades now).  Yes, we like our comedy especially silly.  These shows started the season well, and now I understand the source of "dibs!" 

I have taken heed of warnings about The Event from Alan Sepinwall and others that The Event is mostly folks teasing about this so-called event and not really moving the plot or characters forward much.  I am also burned by Flashforward, which I gave up after about four episodes or so.  I didn't watch or record Lone Star--sounds like fun, but I am not sure it can go anywhere either.  I did DVR Hawaii 5-0, as I do have memories of the old show.  I loved that the old show was led by a tough Steve, but I remember little else from it other than the theme song.

I am looking forward to No Ordinary Family as I am a sucker for superhero stuff, Walking Dead will be an interesting replacement on AMC after Mad Men finishes.  Most of the other new shows do not interest me too much.  Most of the sitcoms do not seem too promising.  I will keep up more consistently with Community, and I will wonder all year long why I am continuing to follow Smallville.  But with the end of the series at hand, it seems strange to stop now.

Yep, I am serious TV addict, but you already know this if you have been following this blog.

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Steve Greene said...

Harsh assessment of all the new shows (except BE) from Bianculli last night: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=129940023