Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making Progress on Our Stigmatic Labels?

I don't watch much Glenn Beck for the obvious reasons, but I saw him via Jon Stewart using "Progressive" as a nasty label. Is that because Obama has made Liberal hip?  Is using the liberal label as a pejorative no longer the Right thing to do?  I am confused. 

Because, if one is against progress, does that mean one is for regression?  I guess progressive can be made to sound intellectual (Jewish), snobbish (ahem, more of that), and elite, so it works for pandering/confusing the masses. 

But it just means that Beck is more like Dolores Umbridge than I would have guessed.  "But progress for the sake of progress must be discouraged."  Once again, I am on the side of J.K. Rowling, and this gives me a bit of hope because I am pretty sure that more folks have bought her books than Beck's.

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Mrs. Spew said...

Beck is saying that progressives are socialist Marxists who are going to redistribute wealth to the poor for slave reparations and social justice, have the government take control of everything, shut down Christian churches and secularize everything, destroy businesses, spend the country into bankruptcy and bring about an apocalypse that requires survival gear such as gold coins, special seeds and Beck's books. We're the devil, as can be clearly seen by FDR almost destroying the country with his New Deal. We are also Nazis, with Obama and other progressives using the same tactics Hitler did to trick the populace while Obama also has sympathy with fundamentalist Muslims. Intellectual elitism barely covers it.