Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Movies of 2011, Abbreviated

How the hell should I know?  I saw damn few movies this year because of the following challenges:
  • Spew Junior had far more work this year so she didn't even want to spend any time on weekends going to the movies (apparently, in QC, this is the equivalent of the OWL year).  Bad news about moving--next year is OWL year in Ontario.
  • Too much good TV. We had so much stuff on DVR that weekend evenings were handy for catching up.
  • The demise of Blockbuster and the inadequacy of substitutes.  In Canada, Blockbuster died.  Yes, there is Netflix Canada, but our one month trial determined that their selection sucks.  There is, which is netflix-like, but we found out that if you include both new movies and older movies on your list, no matter how you rank the list, you will always and only get the older movies.  We have now altered our list to only include the newest movies--it will be interesting to see if we get any movies now.  
As a result, we have not seen Attack the Block; Bridesmaids; Crazy, Stupid Love; Drive; 50/50; The Descendants; Rise of the Apes; Muppets; Contagion; and the rest.

So, I cannot really come up with a top ten list.  I think Super-8 was probably the best movie I did see.  It was so engrossing, chock full of nostalgia, early Spielberg type stuff (ET, Close Encounters), great performances, action, and more.  The final Harry Potter movie comes close, as it did a very nice job of finishing off a terrific series, and most of the changes were fine (ah, poor Lavender!).  Snape nearly made me cry.  What we do for love? 

So, which movies rocked your world in 2011?  You already can tell what is on my Zip list, but what should I add?


Anonymous said...

You have to watch Crazy Stupid Love!!!

Anonymous said...

The Devils Double.