Friday, December 2, 2011

Expert or Media @#$#

The student TV station at McGill talked to me about the US election and foreign policy.  I agreed not just to show off my post-Halloween mustache, but because our department has no experts on American politics (we do have some folks who compare the US to Canada on health care and other stuff), but no Americanists (unlike the average American political science department which such folks are usually the plurality and sometimes the majority). 

So, here is the link to the TVM news (and, yes, my jacket and hair and office are all messy).  It was filmed a few weeks ago when Cains riding relatively high in the polls.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Harold Waller considered an Americanist, teaching principally as he does on American politics, the Supreme Court, and American political thought?

Steve Saideman said...

He does not do any research on American politics.