Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pop Culture and Presidential Candidates

Obama watches "Modern Family" with his family, "Homeland" and "Boardwalk Empire" without the kids.  I do wonder about the wisdom of the latter choices, as Homeland has a running theme (I have not watched but followed from afar) of conspiracy theory and suspicion about who is a good American, and BE is about a mild-mannered leader who ends up killing lots of folks in his ruthless pursuit of power and riches.  I do think "Chuck" might be appropriate--super-intelligent guy, attractive wife, always gets into heaps of trouble, often manages to handle things with aplomb, but facing heaps of fire from supposedly friendly folks.

Dan Drezner suggested that the GOP reply with "The Middle."  I would expect them to instead choose "Happy Endings" since that would produce more unintentional comedy.  I pondered/tweeted that the GOP would avoid "Community" perhaps because it would sound socialist (the Republicans are about as dysfunctional as the Dean depicted in the show).  I am not surprised that they would avoid "Big Bang Theory" both because they would be concerned about the sexual connotations and their aversion to all things scientific.  Of course, secretly, the GOP candidates all like Glee, but are afraid to admit it to their self-hating homophobia. 

Newt would like "The Mentalist"--about a charlatan who is not nearly as clever as he thinks he is but is about as arrogant as they come. 

Palin and Bachman could team as "Two Broke Girls" but they are not so much opposites that attract as much as two similar folks who hate each other.  Ooops.

Romney's favorite show would be CSI or Law and Order: something super-bland.

Ron Paul is obviously a big fan of science fiction so perhaps Dr. Who, although that might be too British.

Rick Santorum's TV is obviously stuck on Cinemax.

Who did I forget?  What TV shows would you recommend for the current candidates.

And, yes, Joe Biden would be a big fan of Two and a Half Men.

And, double yes, this probably violates the recommendations I made yesterday about the use of pop culture.

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Anonymous said...

Rick Perry watches Hannah Montana - he feels an intellectual and spiritual connection with Billy Ray Cyrus.