Friday, December 2, 2011

Words are Wind Contest

In the fifth book of the Game of Thrones series, it seems like every character at some point says: "Words are Wind."  This means that a promise or threat is being made, but has little credibility.  Without getting sunk into an overly academic debate about the credibility of commitments, signaling and resolve, I just wanted to highlight a promise that might be "wind-worthy."

Specifically, NATO, the US, the Danes, the Canadians, and everyone else keeps telling the Afghans that they will not be abandoned even as everyone is already heading out the door with official transition to take place in 2014.  Why should the Afghans believe the international community?  Are there any other promises that folks are making that have heaps of doubt built in?

So, here is the contest: can you name a promise or threat in international relations (we will omit statements of confidence by owners and general managers in various NFL head coaches aside for now) that has as little credibility as the assurances made to the Afghans?


Brandon Valeriano said...

"And if you elect Mitt Romney, Iran will not have a nuclear weapon"

shehzad said...

Obama signing the executive order in 2009 to close Guantanamo Bay in one years time. Last time I checked, all systems are go. Still holding any prisoners considered enemy combatants.

Anonymous said...

"This will be the Mother of All Wars!"

-Saddam Hussein, 1991