Saturday, December 24, 2011

Year In Review: Navel Gazing part 2

As I have intermittent access to wifi over the holidays, I have set up some navel gazing posts ready to upload at any McD's or Starbucks (I sell out to corporations that provide free wifi).

Top Ten Viewed Posts:
  1. Hogwarts Houses from July 2009:  An oldie but still a goodie, where I consider in which house I would belong.  What does this show?  That any blog post with a Harry Potter angle is likely to get lots of hits.
  2. My guide to Montreal for the ISA-goer: Still catches the occasional tourist.
  3. That McGill students suck at math--that they should not be protesting tuition increases.
  4. Ranking the Star Wars movies: George Lucas and JK Rowling have a few things in common.
  5. Earlier post on same theme as #3.
  6. Applying IR theory to Game of Thrones or vice versa
  7. One of my favorite posts of the year: what would a Zombie outbreak mean for Political Science and the profession.  I missed the fun and flashy Zombie panel at the ISA so that was my effort to say what I might have said.
  8. My post announcing my big move next summer from McGill to Carleton to take up, sit in, be (what is the correct way to phrase it?) the Paterson Chair in International Affairs at Carleton University.
  9. Drezner's Viral ChallengeDan, one of the folks who inspired this blog (don't blame him), had a post asking folks what IR stuff should politicians read. 
  10. We are McGill: Post discusses a bit the aftermath of the deployment of riot police at McGill in reaction to an effort to occupy the Principal's office.
Two patterns here: pop culture gets heaps of hits, maybe mostly accidental; and McGill news (I think more and more of my students started tracking my blog).  It was an especially contentious fall at McGill so I am not surprised that my rants about the various events got some play.  Indeed, I got a lot more hits over a few days this November than in any other period this year.

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