Saturday, December 24, 2011

Year in Review: Navel Gazing Part 3

Last post in the narcissism tourney of examining my 2011 in blogging.

Where Do My Readers Reside?  As an IR prof, this is naturally of interest to me, if no one else.
  1. Canada:  Not a surprise since my topics are often on Canada and my students and former students mostly reside here.
  2. US: Not a surprise either, as much of stuff is focused on the US
  3. UK: Another place with former students, plus I touch on British issues.
  4. Norway:  Hmmm.  Maybe the folks at the Peace Research Institute of Oslo?
  5. Australia: Again, a country I have discussed, in part due to my trip there last summer (their winter) but also their interesting role in Afghanistan.
  6. Germany: I tease them, they read me. 
  7. Netherlands: Again, the Afghanistan connection, plus perhaps my posts about The Hague last winter when I visited.
  8. France: McGill students end up in France quite often, plus I blogged much about France due to Libya.
  9. India: I talk about Pakistan in a negative way?
  10. Belgium: I blogged a bit about Belgium when I was there last winter.
  11. Philippines: at least one former student is there
  12. Hungary: a co-author is there, plus other Central European University connections.
  13. Sweden: Maybe some of the folks at Uppsala who study civil war follow me.
  14. Spain:
  15. Brazil:
  16. Italy
  17. Indonesia
  18. Turkey
  19. Malaysia
  20. New Zealand. 

The fun category would be those countries where only one person visited my site once: Malta, Macau, Brunei, Niger, Martinique, Sri Lanka, Isle of Man, Kazakhstan, Guinea, DRC, El Salvador, Oman, Bolivia, Iran, Bahamas, Maldives, Vanuatu, Aruba, Honduras, Belize, Ecuador, Zambia, Jersey, Ethiopia, Barbados, Mauritius.
--Islands, South America, Africa.  The only surprising one here might be Sri Lanka since I have written about that country and its conflict on occasion.

There are countries where no one has ever viewed my blog: Nicaragua, Paraguay, Libya, Mauritania, Chad, Sudan, Central African Republic, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Madagascar, Somalia, Belarus, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgzstan, Burma.
--Some failed states, some very authoritarian states, countries with low internet access.  Not really saying that my blog should be read around the world--it is hardly relevant for anyone--but the patterns are interesting.

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