Saturday, June 6, 2009

Paris, Day 1

While I hang out in the hotel room, resting my feet, I thought I would post a few observations and report on a few experiences during my first day in Paris.

  1. I am probably going to have to revise my claim that the Mall in DC is the best National Capitol. Paris is not nearly so well laid out in terms of the main government buildings, but is pretty spectacular.
  2. Parisians are far more spunky than I remember. Perhaps these folks are from other parts of France.
  3. Probably picked the wrong time to come--D-Day, French Open, some sort of soccer tournament (again, see the pic) or something, etc.
  4. More homeless/beggars than I remembered.
  5. I regressed quite quickly to the tactics I used when I was a poor undergrad traveling for a month on $25/day (including hostel) at a time when the US and its allies deliberately depreciated the dollar, as opposed to now. So, lunch was crepe at one stand along the walk, croissant at another shoppe, and then creme glacier. Saving my per diem for dinner.
  6. I am getting old--5-6 hours of walking seems to tire me out more than it did 22 years ago, but then again, my memory is not so good.
  7. Watching x-files in French is even more strange.
  8. Had to fill out a form to let Air France know where I was, in case someone had H1N1 flu on the plane. And halfway into the flight, there was an annoucement--is there a doctor on board? I showed impressive restraint by not leaping up and saying "Yes, how can I help?"
  9. I twice blew a fuse in the hotel with the surge protector. The stuff seems to work fine sans surge protector. Still nervous, but if I can use my laptop in romania, why not Paris?
Finally, it is hard not to take pics of the Eiffel Tower, even crappy ones of myself:

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daughter said...

lol the eiffel tower is growing out of you head. (I know this so much more of a Facebook commment then it is a blog comment)